The Prescribed Prayer: Chapter Two (cont.)

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Al-Maamuum or Al-Muqtadee is the person who follows the Imaam in Salaah. He must follow the Imaam and should not anticipate him both in Takbeers of changing positions, and in the position itself. In Hadeeth the Prophet (s.'a.s.) said: "The Imaam is made so he will be followed." However, the follower is allowed to remind the Imaam if he is pretty sure that the Imaam has made a mistake. For reminding him, the male worshiper should say:

Subhaanallaah Glory be to Allah

loudly so that the Imaam hears him. For the sisters, they should clap their hands. The Imaam, upon hearing the correction, should quickly check himself. If he thinks the Salaah is in order, he should continue his prayer, but if there is a mistake he should correct it.

If the Imaam makes a mistake in reciting Al-Faatihah or any verse from Al-Quran, the follower should correct him by reciting out loud the verse that the Imaam misses in reciting.

The follower attains a raka'ah with the Imaam, if he starts the prayer with the Imaam, or when he joins him and is able to catch up with him before the Imaam rises from Rukuu'u. To join the Imaam, one needs only to say, standing up, Takbeeratul Ihraam, then join the Imaam in whatever position the Imaam is in. After this Takbeer, one may also say the Takbeer for changing a position, in Salaah, if not, the Imaam's Takbeer will suffice.

If one misses a raka'ah or two, one must make it up after Salaah. The process of this make up is that, when the Imaam says As-Salaamu Alaikum to end the Salaah, the follower should not say it with him, instead, one should rise with Takbeer to make up the missed raka'ah or raka'aats.

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