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NZ Muslim Links

Federation of Islamic Association of New Zealand FIANZ

NZ Islam Awareness Week

Opening Bridges - Voice of Islam U Tube

My Path To Islam a Kiwi Story - Voice of Islam U Tube

Ummah Store New Zealand

South Auckland Muslim Association

The Muslim Association of Taranaki Incorporated

Southland Muslim Association

Ad-Deen Mosque, Taihape Islamic Centre

Young Muslim Women's Association

Voice of Islam TV

Otago Muslim Association

Massey Muslim Society

The International Muslim Association of New Zealand Inc

Hajj Pocket Guide from Kiwi Muslim Directory


International Muslim Links

The Islamic Arts Magazine, Sarajevo

Discover Islam

Islamic Awareness

Sound Vision Your Source for Islamic Information and Products

A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam


Prayer Links

Qibla Direction Calculator
The Prescribed Prayer Made Simple by Tajuddin B. Shu'aib
The Prophet's Prayer Described by Muhammad Naasir ad-Deen al-Albaani translated into English by Usama bin Suhaib Hasan Calculation of prayer times - see also their FAQ page for more detailed information.


Qur'an Links

Qur'an Flash - Read the Qur'an online in book form. A beautiful site which allows you access to twelve different editions of the Qur'an using flash. Site instructions are in English but no English translations of the Qur'an are provided.
Tanzil Qur'an Navigator  - Read the Qur'an online with companion English translations and mouse-over English translations. Fully searchable.

Support Links

Marhaba - Supported Housing For Muslim Women Suffering or Recovering From A Mental Illness offered by Affinity Services in South Auckland. Email

Clothing & Miscellaneous Links

Islamic Ladieswear For The Home Seamstress
Shukr  - Islamic Styles For Men, Women & Kids.
DesertStore - UK based Retailer and Wholesaler of Quality and affordable Islamic clothing, accessories, decors and other Middle Eastern collectibles, specialising in Islamic Clothing for men and women, customised Gold and Silver Jewellery, Wall hangings and decor.  Islamic Cross Stitch Patterns Featuring Beautiful Arabic Calligraphy Designs in PDF format Windows, Linux & Mac Compatible.


Community Law - A Legal problems can be serious and frightening, and for many people lawyers are completely unaffordable. But everyone in New Zealand has the right to high-quality legal help - that's where Community Law comes in.

Where to get legal help - Ministry of Junstice page.

Information on scams from Consumer Affairs.

Office of The Ombudsmen - An Ombudsman is an independent investigator who:

  • Investigates complaints about the administrative acts and decisions of central and local government agencies

  • Investigates complaints about the decisions of Ministers of the Crown and central and local government agencies on requests for official information and

  • provides information and guidance to employees who wish to report serious wrong-doing in their workplace ("whistle-blowing") and is one of the authorities to whom serious wrong-doing can be reported.

  • Investigates complaints made by prison inmates

Community Law Centre - Community Law Centre offers free legal help throughout New Zealand.

Financial Calculators Sorted.Org.NZ - Sorted is New Zealand's free independent money guide, run by the Retirement Commission. It's full of calculators and information to help you manage your personal finances throughout life..

Career Services Kiwi Careers - Career Services KiwiCareers is a government-funded website containing New Zealand job, industry and training information, and links to relevant websites. The Employment Conditions section of each job gives average pay per year information.

KiwiQual - The website of the New Zealand Register of Quality Assured Qualifications. It enables users to find and compare on the one site all quality assured qualification available in this country. It currently covers more than 5000 qualifications offered by more than 1000 providers.

TradeMe Jobs New Zealand Salary Guide - This presents national pay rates by category as a guideline only as it is designed to show average salaries across industries and services. Salaries often vary between locations throughout New Zealand depending on supply and demand. - The official website of the NZ government which provides portfolio and contact details for Ministers etc.

The Treaty of Waitangi  - The website of the Treaty of Waitangi - New Zealand's founding document - an exchange of promises. This website sets out to give a concise account of the Treaty of Waitangi itself and the issues surrounding it.
Te Ara The Encyclopedia of New Zealand Treaty of Waitangi section.

Te Ara The Encyclopedia of New Zealand

Department of Internal Affairs Daylight Saving Page

New Zealand Telephone Directories
White Pages
Yellow Pages
 - Business and services listings.


Washington State University - World Civilisations - Definition of the islamic term "iman"

New Zealand Latitude and Longitudes - A table of the latitude & longitude of New Zealand cities and towns according to Maps of World.


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